How much should you be paying for title insurance? Get an immediate title insurance quote by using our quick-rate calculator tool. The Following calculations are for premium title insurance rates to be charged by title insurers in the State of Florida for the respective types of title insurance contracts and policies according to the rules promulgated by the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE in THE FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE, Chapter 4-186 Title Insurance and Section , Florida Statutes for 1-4 Residential. DISCLAIMERS: THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN IS PROVIDED BY WAY OF GENERAL INFORMATION ONLY, AND IS SUBJECT TO RATE CHANGES, CREDITS AND DISCOUNTS THAT MAY NOT BE REFLECTED.

Insured Amount
Florida Title Insurance Rates
Simultaneous Policy:
When both a Owner’s Policy (OP) and Loan Policy (LP) are to be issued.

FLorida Title Insurance Endorsements